Just as with the phases of the moon, there is so much beauty and wisdom in the many phases of life...from birth to death.  Sophia means wisdom, and Luna means moon...hence, wisdom of the moon. 

I do not claim to have all of the answers.  I will never tell anyone what they should or should not do, what they should or should not believe, how they should or should not approach a situation, or how they should or should not feel.  In my opinion, life does not fit into a box, nor do we as individuals.  We have what we need within us to navigate this life.  At times we need others to help us on our journeys.  I will simply meet you where you are and help guide you through your challenges.

My purpose is to help you navigate through life’s past, present, and future moments.  My hope is that by approaching those moments from a place of love, you will find healing, beauty, and joy and gain a deeper understanding of what those experiences mean to you.

So, talk with me.  Share with me your stories.  Your experiences are your experiences.  Are there moments in your life that you have struggled to understand?  What moments have you faced or are facing on which you would like to shed light?  Are you currently facing a moment in your life that feels unbearable?  Would you like to gain clarity in moments you have faced or are facing?  I am here to help you navigate your way through these challenges, regain your footing and help you find beauty and positivity in even the darkest moments.