My Journey


For 18 years I enjoyed a number of challenging positions within the finance industry, but in December 2017, I decided to transition to a new professional arena.

In February of 2014, I had the honor of helping to care for a family member during the last weeks of his life. That difficult, but special time forever changed me and revealed my passion for helping individuals and families navigate life’s transition moments.  I decided to harness this passion by building a life-coaching practice with a special focus on dying, death, and bereavement.

Through coaching and providing support, giving lectures and writing blogs and books, my intent is to help individuals find beauty even in the most difficult phases of life.

My personal journey is long, winding, messy, and beautiful.  A dear family member sent me a quote which in many ways captures the essence of me:

“She wasn’t born herself.  She found herself over a long and treacherous road.  And the more treacherous the road became, the more of herself she found.” ~ Atticus

The experiences of my life continue to shape me into the person I am.  I am always growing...always evolving. I view every moment as a lesson gifted to me.  My journey is one filled with trust and a knowing that I am divinely guided. It is not naive, blind goes so much deeper than that for me.

I do not pull inspiration from any one source.  It is likely in my writing, talks, and coaching practice that I’ll include quotes from various religious texts, books, podcasts, blogs, song lyrics, etc. My intent is to share what speaks to me while trusting that if it serves you then it is meant for you...if it doesn’t serve or resonate with you then let it go.  For we are all growing, expanding, evolving and using our individual life experiences to learn more about ourselves.

I am a spiritual activist.  In my opinion, spirituality is the guidance we find within that fully connects us with our true self.  Spirituality looks different for everyone. And no spiritual journey is the same, nor does it need to be.

My personal journey is intertwined throughout this site, my blogs, and my social media feeds.  My intention is to be unapologetically authentic with my own journey while working with you to navigate your own.  

Our path of personal growth is seldom straight, easy, and clean.  It is often messy and may at times seem untraversed. Beauty can be found when we realize none of us are ever truly alone on our individual journeys.  I am here to walk with you.

Things I Love

Life has graced me with incredible people (my tribe) on my journey.  Also, I have had books, articles, sites, etc. that have helped guide me along the way.  I cannot tell you how many times I have read something at the exact moment I needed.  And then there are just things I love that express me and the path I am on. 

Want to know more about the people and things that have guided me on my own journey?  Check out my Things I Love page for people, books, articles, sites, items, etc. that I have found along the way.  You can use this page This site is a resource page in case you would like to check out, connect with my peeps, and/or purchase an item I love.  

I will continually update this page, and it will provide items mentioned in my various blogs.  

Note: With some of the links, I may receive income based on my recommendation.  Hence, I only recommend things I love!

Training and Certifications

New York Open Center ~ Art of Dying Institute’s Integrative Thanatology Certificate Program

INELDA's End of Life Doula Training

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 Training with Gabrielle Bernstein

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2 Training with Gabrielle Bernstein

Exclusive Bestseller Training with Gabrielle Bernstein

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