~ wisdom of the moon ~


Just as with the phases of the moon, there is so much beauty and wisdom in the many phases of life...from birth to death.  And there are many experiences we encounter throughout our lives.  Our experiences are here to teach us and help us connect deeper with ourselves as well as others.

I am here to help you navigate through life’s past, present, and future moments.  My hope is that by approaching those moments from a place of love, you will find healing, beauty, and joy and gain a deeper understanding of what those experiences mean to you.


Ways to Work Together

There are a number of ways I may serve you.  From one on one, couple, family, or group coaching to workshops, programs, and retreats, I offer various services for you to connect with the experiences in your life.  I am also a trained End of Life Doula and can help you and your family plan and navigate end of life needs.  I am here to help you navigate any life transition moment.

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What Is an End of Life Doula?

I have found in every day conversations that most people are unfamiliar with End of Life Doulas.  

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As of 2019, I do not write on a consistent basis because I truly only want to write was is inspired from deep within me. When I post a blog, it comes from a place so inspired within me. My intent with my writing is to share from a place of light and love that will serve the world. With my writing, take what resonates and please leave the rest. What resonates, your soul needs to here. What doesn’t isn’t for you at this phase of your journey.

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About Sophia

After navigating experiences in my own life and learning the purpose of those experiences, I decided to leave my 18 year finance career and serve others as a life coach. I am passionate about my calling and serving you. To learn more, click below.


We often do not know in the moment why we are having a certain experience...

why we have been led to a certain moment. 

That is where trust comes in.  That is where being open to life's moments come in.


Serving Others

To walk with another on their journey is truly an honor and a privilege. I am grateful for those who have allowed me to serve them. Here are kind words I have received.

Let's connect!  There are a few ways to do so.  You can connect with me on social media, sign up for my newsletter, and/or email me at sophialuna.wotm@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing your stories and helping you navigate life's transition moments!